Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who's Who | William Arthur Team

Every so often, we'd like to introduce you to someone from our William Arthur team. And, we are excited about our first introduction—Vice President of Design & Marketing—Lisa Blinn. For over a decade, Lisa has led our design team with passionate vision.

We decided to ask Lisa some fun questions:

Current obsession:
I've never met a textile I didn't like, especially rugs.

Last thing you bought: Fabric for a delicate loveseat that my husband brought home to me. My favorite place to shop is Zimman's on the north shore of Boston. It's more than a fabric store; they have two floors of fabulous furniture and antiques above two floors of the most gorgeous fabrics you'll find anywhere. Just the idea of going to Zimman's makes me happy!

Favorite vacation spot:
Although we travel to various warm places nearly every winter, nothing beats the fun I have with my family at Israel's Head on Ogunquit Beach. Though it's only a few miles from our house, when we get there we become transported by the waves, ocean and sky.

Listening to:
Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Chet Baker—and very early jazz. I wasn't surprised when my 10 year-old daughter recently did a biography project on Louis Armstrong and his music from the 1920s.

Inspiring artist: There are so many artists that I respond strongly to, but the painters Balthus and Klee are my two favorites. There's a vibrant creative community throughout Maine, and the work that my friends create is always inspiring—among them, painters—Todd Bezold, Pat Hardy and Michael Walek. Todd's work is my current favorite. But my love of woven goods has me looking at textiles more than any other medium, especially when I'm looking for color inspiration.

Can't live without: A morning coffee and an afternoon sweet—preferably a cookie.

Most precious belonging: A Rockwell Kent print purchased at an auction years ago. The image, called Bow Figures is filled with romanticism and longing, and the composition is amazing.

Color of the moment: I love rose madder, it's so rich! It's occurring everywhere in nature right now with early spring, bringing warm hues to the forests.

Favorite shape: I love any shape or form that contains a sexy S-curve. If I had to pick one shape, it would be a paisley.

Museum pick:
I love the exhibits at the Cooper Hewitt [in New York]. But my favorite museum experience was a visit to Musée des Tissus in Lyon, France several years ago. Its collection of textiles and decorative arts are incredible.

Favorite time of day: In the winter it's daybreak; in the summer it's twilight.

Thing about design you already knew at age 18: That it really helps to immerse yourself in as much art and decorative arts history as possible. Designers need a creative well to draw from, every day.

These looks from Lisa's own custom stationery wardrobe can be purchased
through a William Arthur Retailer.
Click on the image above to find one nearest you.

Images courtesy {from top}: Rug from Veranda by Warp & Weft, painting of Israel's Head Surf by Elwyn George Gowen, The Essential Miles Davis - Sony Records, paintings left to right: Todd Bezold, Pat Hardy, Michael Walek, Rockwell Kent Bow Figures print, Rose Madder color wash from Windsor Newton, Paisley-shaped Tree of Life from Musée des Tissus, William Arthur custom personalized stationery.


  1. How does an artist with 25 years as an art director/graphic designer and art teacher find information regarding any open freelance work with your wonderful company?
    Nancy Benner

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Please email directly to and I will forward some information to you. Thank you!


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