Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear, Dear Letters

As the vehicle for Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins overseas friendship in the 1987 film adaptation of 84 Charing Cross Road to last year's romantic writings of John Keats in Bright Star—letters have played an important role in the movies. And, that's because letters play an important role in our lives. We all love the feeling of surprise and wonder when we receive a letter in the mail—most of us have special letters that we hold precious to our hearts.

Letters to Juliet, which opens on May 14, is about a young American named Sophie {played by Amanda Seyfried} who travels to Verona—the city where Romeo first met Juliet—where she meets a group of volunteers who reply to letters written to Juliet asking for romantic advice. She discovers and answers a letter that has been lost for 50 years and is surprised when its author Claire {Vanessa Redgrave} arrives in Italy with her handsome grandson to find the fiancĂ© she had left decades before. You might be able to guess the rest!

When was the last time you wrote a heartfelt letter to a friend or a romantic note to your love? Maybe it's time to start writing letters again.

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