Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Favorite Things | Desk Style

If you're anything like we are, your desk occupies a very special place in your home and your heart. It's the perfect place to organize your life, a place for books and pens and journals, a catch-all for your stuff, and a place to collect coffee mugs and small plates covered in muffin crumbs.
A desk feels right at home in almost any space and adds a distinctive sense of form and function in any room. A desk can also be a reflection of one's unique personal style. Einstein had a messy desk in his Princeton office, and Gandhi had a low desk because he liked to sit on the floor.

There are primitive desks and famous desks, chinoiserie desks and deco desks, but they all have something in common. If you're a lover of stationery, your desk is the place where you find inspiration, the place where you keep your writing papers, the place where you compose your thoughts and write that thank you note or special letter.

What is your desk style?

Images: All desks are available on 1st dibs. Please click on each image for more details.


  1. My work desk is very organized and tidy. Everything has it's place! On the flip side, my desk at home is absolutely littered with 1/2 worked art projects, boxes of stationery and neat papers, colored pencils, and inspirational clippings from my {now past} wedding that I have yet to get rid of. Sigh.

  2. Jen, that sounds quite familiar! Well... Einstein had a messy desk... so there! Have a wonderful afternoon. ; )


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