Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jot it Down!

Are you always looking for a piece of paper to jot down a message, a phone number or a reminder to do something? Well, we are too! So, we've created ten Jotter Card designs for our Vera Wang Fine Papers collection—from a beachy-blue starfish to a vintage telephone and even a personalized option! Our Jotter Cards are printed on 3 x 5 oyster white paper and come in packs of 60. They are sized to fit or refill standard jotter card holders. The collection also includes a Jotter Card Tray Gift Set {currently on special} featuring a dark brown leather tray with white top-stitching and felt bottom. The leather jotter tray includes 120 jotter cards available in six designs. The set is presented in a Vera Wang gift box, and makes the perfect present for your best friend who is always looking for a piece of paper to jot things down, too!


  1. Ooh! Love the starfish design. I'm always happy to see anything nautical/beachy.

    As a fellow blogger, I have a blogging-related question... but I am not sure who to reach out to via email! It's just a quick question for you :)

  2. Hi Jen... we love anything "beachy" too! Blog team email should be found on our blog profile page. Just added it! Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you. ; )

  3. These Jotters would make a great gift for teachers!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful suggestion of Jotters as gifts for teachers. What a great idea!! Have a lovely weekend ;)


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