Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trends in Typestyle

Our Vera Wang Folio Collection includes three exciting new Albums:
Invitations • Writing Papers • Wedding Accents

Here, we show four examples from the Invitations Album that feature elegant, new typestyles and trends in invitation type design. The Diagonal Script Invitation {shown above} simulates the richness and formality of hand calligraphy. It's both bold and romantic!

This Seafoam Invitation features a stylized lower-case with large, splashy swashes for a modern statement.

Here, a Square Z-Fold Pocket Invitation with bold Tangerine and turn-of-the-century typestyle, allows both scale and color to tell a story of modernity and sophistication.

This Gatefold Invitation with stitching detail and tear-off postcard reply is balanced with a traditional, book-like typestyle that adds a sense of grounding to the bold design elements.

Each of these designs from the Vera Wang Folio • Invitations Album can be found at select retailers here!


  1. love the Seafoam Invitation! and the trend combining the two fonts.

  2. Thank you KLP! It's a big moment for typestyle ; )

  3. I'm head over heels for the Diagonal Script Invitation! It's so beautiful! Thank you for your comments on The Finer Things!

  4. Thanks Jen! We are getting so much great feedback about this collection. Great job on The Finer Things, as always!


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