Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who's Who | Meet Meghan Carey

We are delighted to introduce you to Meghan Carey. Meghan is our Art Director for Vera Wang Fine Papers. She's on a plane quite often for frequent meetings with the Vera Wang Licensing Team in NYC. Meghan's goal is to seamlessly interpret the aesthetic of Vera's Bridal and Ready to Wear collections. At the end of last year, Meghan and team launched a set of four couture albums for the line—spanning a wide range of invitations and paper components—from Wedding Save the Dates right through to personalized stationery. Most recently, Meghan has been busy designing a new wedding album, which is slated to launch at the beginning of 2012. Meghan is a wonderful designer with lots of style. We decided to ask her some fun questions.

Last thing you bought: I found this amazing black suit at a flea market in Hell's Kitchen {NYC}. It's definitely from the 40's, short-sleeved and looks handmade. It has two rows of tiny delicate buttons, a little flare at the hip, and it fits like a glove. I just need to figure out when I can possibly wear it!

Current obsession: Working on my house. I bought an old New Englander a few years ago. My boyfriend is moving in and we've got 27,000 {THOUSAND} projects going on right now. We're in the process of integration!

Favorite vacation spot: In the summer, every weekend I can, I sneak up to my family's "camp" in Peru, Maine. It's this kitschy little 50's trailer that my grandparents bought and parked on the edge of a beautiful lake. They took a saw to the backside of it—sometime in the 70's—and built out the "Nautical Theme Room"—complete with wood stove, retro furniture and hook rugs of tall ships. It's really one of my favorite places on earth.

Listening to: If and It. Also, I've been obsessively fine-tuning my Sam Cooke Pandora station at work, and I don't think I've taken The King is Dead {by The Decemberists} out of my car stereo since the album came out.

Inspiring artist: I studied illustration and fell hard in love with Maxfield Parrish {Lantern Bearers by Parrish shown on left} and Charles Rennie MacIntosh.

Can't live without: Kale! Seriously. It's a bit of a problem.

Most precious belonging: That's hard! But three things I would grab from a burning house:

• My grandparents' photographs that I've collected over the years. I hold these precious.

• I also have a dear attachment to these obsessive college journals that I used to create. I have about a dozen that I keep close as a reminder of the art I should be making.

• The letter and mixed CD my boyfriend mailed me when we were first dating.

Favorite Shape: Circle

Color of the moment: I've been in a personal shades-of-turquoise/teal/tomato-red phase for a while. I'm aware that it's a bit garish; I just can't seem to get enough.

Museum pick: The Wyeth Center at The Farnsworth Art Museum

Wyeth pick: My choice would offend both my illustration professors who loved N.C. AND my mother, who had a huge celebrity crush on James. But my heart belongs to Andrew. {Off at Sea by Andrew Wyeth on left}

Favorite time of day: Late afternoon on a day with strong light. I also love late twilight. Parrish painted a lot of landscapes in day's final hour. I painted the outside of my house something I call "the last color before total darkness."

Meghan's stationery: A Note From The Desk Of Correspondence Cards from the Vera Wang Writing Papers album in the Folio Collection.


  1. Meghan -

    The next time you are in NYC you must try Whitman's crack kale. Crack as in the drug. As in you will be hooked and you will have it for appetizer, side and dessert. And breakfast. Life changing. 406 East 9th Street.

    For high culture, come visit us at the St. Regis where you will be surrounded by Maxfield Parrish and you can have a Red Snapper - the bloody mary by its original name in the place in which it was invented, the King Cole Bar.


  2. Hi Thornwillow! What a fabulous invitation! We'll be sure to pass it on to Meghan. Have a great weekend!! ; )

  3. Thanks Thornwillow! David wants to join me for bloodies the next time we're traveling together.

    (And I have a gorgeous old Oscar Wilde number that I want Luke to take a peek at....)

  4. 2 Things:

    Kale is maybe the most nutritious single food out there. Next time you're in Whole Foods, start looking at the ANDI scale on everything. Kale is 1000. Things like apples (and just one of those supposedly keeps the doctor away!) are only in the 100s. Stick with that addiction, nothing else would be as good for you.

    Also, you should submit to this!


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