Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stationery Gift Guide

Every year at Christmastime, one of our colleagues would receive the gift of personalized stationery from her grandparents. Of course, she had no excuse not to return the perfect thank you note written on her brand new stationery! Whether boxed or personalized, stationery is simply a fun, fashionable gift to give. For this holiday season, we thought it might be helpful to create a list of our picks for gifts—for baby and hostess, and even personalized stationery for family and friends!

Sweet Notes for Baby

Indigo Stripe for Boys + Saffron and Pink for Girls

Rad Notes for Teens

Elegant for Her

Handsome for Him

Celebratory Coasters for Hostess

Seasonal Place Cards for Hostess

Coastal Notes for Seashore Stocking Stuffers!


  1. Fantastic stationery choices! The coastal notes are wonderful!

  2. Thanks Jen! They are a favorite and we are delighted you like them. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving! ; )

  3. Wow - so many great ideas. I am hopping over to the site and ordering those adorable holiday coasters right now!!

  4. Thank you Quintessence! We think they are quite jolly and are delighted you do, too! ; )

  5. Personalized stationery is a great gift choice.


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