Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little Augury's Camellia

It was a great treat for us when we discovered that the author of one of our absolute favorite blogs had chosen William Arthur for her latest order of personal stationery. We asked interior decorator, Patricia Gaye Tapp what inspired her selection. It's as unique and thoughtful as her brilliant blog, Little Augury. Here's what she had to say!

"The William Arthur motif I chose reminds me of Coco Chanel's camellia. It's the first flower Captain Edward 'Boy' Capel gave her and she began using it in her designs for clothes and jewelry in the 1930s. I was also inspired by this Chanel 2005 Met Costume Institute poster that hangs in my bathroom. The gray color of the stationery seemed right to get the smoky atmosphere of the black and white photograph. And, the little black and white print envelope liner has a slightly different motif, which I love."

We adore P.G.T's custom stationery selection!

Personalized Correspondence Card
in gray with Engraved Monogram {M-439} Botanical Motif {W-601} Envelope Liner in Black Op Floral {L-503}.

What inspires your personal stationery? See our collection here.

Camellia from Google Images


  1. Classic, beautiful stationery befitting for a talented designer and writer.

  2. Thank you, Deb! Gaye created a wonderful look... we love it!

  3. I echo Dumbwit Tellher's comments, as above.

    Letters received in such envelopes will be keepers, like Coco's camellia.

    Helen xx

  4. Helen, Thank you for your lovely comment! ; )

  5. As do I - what a beautiful and inspired choice. But not even remotely surprised coming from Gaye!!

  6. Hi Quintessence! We thought you might like this! ; )

  7. Perfect selection! So glad I can relate it to a real person!

    (No she is NOT a real person! She is a "surreal" person! And that is the truth!!!)

  8. Yes it really reminds of camellia. xo
    ~ Herman Swan


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