Friday, August 17, 2012

Tips | The Family Holiday Photo

BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE BEACH THIS SUMMER, be sure to take a family photo; it may end up on this year’s holiday photo card. We asked our talented staff photographer Emily Regis to share some tips that will help you get a great shot.

photos, Paige Brown
COMPOSITION makes all the difference in conveying your family’s style. For a contemporary look, crop your image asymmetrically so that your subjects aren’t centered. Including a photo that tells a story from your vacation will make your card even more personal.

photo, Ocean Exposure
FRAMING a large group is a smart way to photograph a multi-generational family. This arch invites the viewer into the picture, and tells us a little bit about this family. Ask everyone to wear neutral colors to create a unifying effect. Nature and greenery always make an ideal backdrop.

photo, Molly Hayes
SPONTANEITY SPEAKS to the viewer because it’s authentic. A sly wink or funny face can capture your child’s personality to a T. Keep a camera at the ready for these priceless moments. (And how about that askew bow tie? Can’t help but grin along with Mr. McCutie!)

Tight cropping can a make a picture more intimate. Using photo editing software or your camera’s crop feature, zoom in on your subject to capture the charm of his or her expression. Square framing adds a fresh touch.

photo, Ocean Exposure
HAVE FUN! Show—and share—the love. Create a silly, fun atmosphere with your kids and snap away. Be prepared to take a lot of shots quickly, and to join in the fun. Note how the movement and angle of the child’s body (and that delightful smile!) add to this photo’s joyful appeal.

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