Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Prentiss Douthit | Five Golden Things

Yes, it’s October, but here at William Arthur we’re already in holiday mode, our busiest and most exciting time of year. Since we’re offering 10% off the Prentiss Douthit Holiday Collection now through October 31st, we decided to chat with Prentiss to learn what are the five things he loves most about the holidays.

1. A trip to my cabin to cut down a Christmas tree. It's always perfect in its imperfections, like a bigger version of Charlie Brown's tree.

2. Supper club. A group of 8 friends that used to meet once a month for dinner, but because of growing children and schedules now meets once 
a year at Christmas. It's been my favorite gathering for nearly 15 years.

3. Family. Returning to my roots has an undeniable grounding effect.(That's me on the left, with brothers Greg and Tim. The needlepoint stockings were done by our Grandma.)

4. Traditions. My favorite is finding just the right children's book for a special adult friend to commemorate the year. A gift I've given for 20 years.

5. A roaring fire. The holidays aren't complete without a roaring fire in the hearth. And it gives me a reason to chop and stack wood, a favorite winter activity.

What I love about the season is that everywhere you look, people are doing something to transform their homes in the spirit of the holidays. Be it the single strand of lights thrown over a bachelor's ficus tree, or every room decorated in the grandest of houses. We all want our spaces to reflect the beauty of the season.  As one of my cards says, "Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of Love." I think this sums up it up pretty well for me. 

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