Friday, May 16, 2014

And the Winners of Our Dear, Mom Pinterest Contest are...

Karla: We can tell just by her board that we'd get along with her mom just fine: Lobster rolls, reading and sunsets? Yes, please.

Adrien, whose mom loves road trips, brownies and dancing. We're smitten!

And Melody, whose mom taught her to surround herself with books and music. Amen to that.

We had such fun looking at all of the boards and along the way learned that moms are just like snowflakes: each one is completely unique! Some have signature perfumes, signature colors and signature cocktails. Some love road trips, Elvis and football. Some drive electric cars, write pen pals and cycle in Copenhagen. Some are photographerspianists, ping pong playersgardeners, tennis players and seamstresses.

Thank you again to all who sent in their boards!

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