Thursday, October 7, 2010

Personalized Stationery

We admire Carl Van Vechten's patterned letterhead that we spotted yesterday on Letterheady. Van Vechten was an American writer and photographer. He was a patron of the Harlem Renaissance, and became Gertrude Stein's literary executor after her death. In the 1930's, Van Vechten began taking portraits and in many of his photographs, he used ornate patterned backgrounds. Here are a couple of our favorites {Gore Vidal and Salvador Dali} below. Van Vechten's love for patterned backgrounds was certainly reflected in his choice of personalized stationery.


  1. How interesting! Letterheady is very neat -- thanks for linking out to it! I'd never seen it. I'll definitely be stopping back.

  2. Hi Jen... we love Letterheady! You will too. ; )


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