Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Touch of Personal Stationery

A friend of ours posted a link on Facebook to an obituary he read in the New York Times recently. It was written about a secret agent who helped the French Resistance. She was a wartime spy. Not all deaths come with an obituary that reads like a good espionage novel. But with all deaths come sadness and feelings of loss. Another great friend of ours lost her mother this past summer. She told us that the notes she had received on fine, personal stationery have brought her the most comfort. She commented on the familiar sight of the hand-addressed envelopes, the soft hand of the finest paper, the warm and comforting words written on monogrammed notes and letter sheets. Of course, there were many store-bought cards mixed in. But she plans on keeping the notes and letters written on personalized stationery for years to come.

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