Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Contest Winner | A Prize Printed

A few weeks ago, new blog subscriber Shannon Gould won personalized stationery through our contest. Shannon said she chose relatively gender-neutral colors and designs so that she and her husband could share the prize. "I love writing notes and think it's so exciting to receive one in the mail."

"I have been really obsessed with grey and yellow lately, which definitely had an influence on my choice. I fell in love with the envelope liner, which became a base for me to pick the other elements."

Congratulations, Shannon! Happy writing.

After being typeset, Shannon's stationery heads over to Plate Making, where all thermography orders are printed onto film.

The press is then prepared.

The location of the letters is carefully measured, and the ink is matched to the William Arthur color standard. Once perfected, Shannon's job runs through the press.

Her order travels to the Inspection department where it is double-checked for quality. Finally, the note cards and lined envelopes are placed into signature William Arthur boxes before shipment.

We love Shannon's unique choice.

You can customize your own stationery here!

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