Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NEW | Prentiss Douthit

Ten years after Prentiss Douthit launched his popular line of stationery, invitations and announcements—creating a brand known for its sophisticated style and lighthearted wit—he has partnered with William Arthur. We are so excited about this collaboration with Prentiss, and thrilled to announce that the line is now available through our retailers and on our website.

Prentiss and Buddy

With his deep southern roots, and his urbane sophistication, Prentiss combined his love for social gatherings and his passion for graphic design to create an innovative line of stationery. His aesthetic blends tasteful refinement with a distinctive charm and sense of humor. He's enjoyed a very strong following among both enthusiastic customers and retailers, and through high accolades in Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, Town&Country, and many more.

Prentiss really does have a sincere warmth and fresh spirit, so we thought it would be fun to have him answer a few questions. We caught him recently as he traveled the southwest with some friends:

What's on your iPod? A huge variety. Everything from Dolly Parton, Beyonce, Shelby Lynne, Annie Lennox, The Alabama Shakes [check them out! "Hold On" They're going to be huge!], Mary J. Blige to Nanci Griffith. I'm telling you--a wide range. Anything that gets me moving.

What are you reading? I'm working on Pillars of the Earth right now. Just finished Year of Wonders. I guess I'm going through a medieval English theme. Odd, because it's not usually my thing.

Who is your all-time favorite artist, and why? John Singer Sargent. Sargent's work drips with sophistication and talent—there's an economy of brushwork, yet every stroke adds a layer of elegance.

John Singer Sargent, Nonchaloir [Repose], 1911

As a creative person, what are you most passionate about? Staying awake and inspired. I work hard to listen to life's whispers. They tell me where I'm suppose to go, and that usually leads to authentic results.

Prentiss in a celebratory headstand during his recent hike in the Grand Canyon

What's inspiring you right now? Space. Time. Light.

Entertaining secret: Flowers. Always. You can distract a lot of critical eyes with beautiful arrangements.

Peonies and Lenten rose in a cut glass rose bowl that belonged to Prentiss' grandmother

Essential for a good party: A confident host who is entirely at ease. Funny guests. Friends that love each other. Comfortable chairs. And, really wonderful food.

We couldn't agree more about essentials for a good party! Take a look at some of our favorite Prentiss Douthit designs—you will quickly appreciate the accolades and get to love Prentiss Douthit, too.

Fun, graphic + simple. This bright green invitation has customizable text for any party or celebration.

Mod Cocktail
For super-stylish and jazzy affairs.

Party Verb
Who doesn't want to come to a party where they will do just that... PARTY?

Stained Glass Medallion
One of Prentiss' favorite designs, we simply love this invitation. Inspired by a Gothic rose window—it's refined and perfect for any elegant affair.

Brown Frame
We adore this sophisticated color palette of blue and brown. Customize the art and text for your rehearsal dinner, birthday or shower.

Barbeque is serious business where Prentiss is from, and this invitation let's your guests know they're in for good eating and a great time!

Cream Lace
A simple and refined invitation for any occasion, or as Prentiss says... "Just because it's Saturday."

See all of the Prentiss Douthit collection here.

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