Thursday, September 13, 2012

Triple Play | Sartorial Stationery IX

WE LOVE NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! Inspired by the Vera Wang show we attended in New York on Tuesday, we thought it fitting (!) to check in once again on the street-style fashion blog The Sartorialist. What might some of these fabulous women select for their wedding invitations from among the William Arthur and Vera Wang collections? For fun, we’ve added some Vera Wang lifestyle accessories and footwear to further imagine their styles.

RADIANT ELEGANCE. A lovely pleated skirt, 
and Radiante china:
Fait accompleat!

SHE’S GOT THE TOUCH. Fabulous details on the skirt 
= lush, tactile charm.

THRICE AS NICE. Terrific dashes of color, from her outfit and William Arthur 
Save the Date down
to the tips of these
Vera Wang 

TRES FABULOUS. Amazed? We are! William Arthur Black Invitations with White Foil and Vera Wang Natasha mid-calf boots. So her, right?

Easy confidence, head 
to toe. Bet she and her sweetie would go for the Vera Wang Letterpress Heart Invitation and Wedgwood Simplicity Ombre dinnerware.

Vera Wang Teal Layered Invitations and Audran sunglasses reveal this knockout's true colors.

View the full offering of William Arthur and Vera Wang invitations here.

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